Our Happy philosophy

At H1 we have our own Happy philosophy which acts as the foundation to our company culture. It is based on our employees having fun at work. We’re convinced that employees who look forward to going to work and enjoy being there, also perform better.

This is how we think: Happy people are the ones who create a positive atmosphere and make things happen. When each individual employee enjoys the work they do, it creates progress, a forward-thinking spirit and tremendous trust in each other. But that’s not all. Being happy in your work also drives greater motivation, that in turn drives enthusiasm and commitment. All incredibly important factors in H1’s success. At the end of the day, it’s happy and motivated employees that create satisfied customers.

Our Happy philosophy© is about how we create job satisfaction and includes the following points:

  • We have fun together at work
  • We show respect and interest in each other
  • We show our appreciation
  • We highlight and celebrate good examples
  • We give feedback in a constructive way
  • We turn complaints into desires

Linked to our Happy philosophy, our values are


We are unpretentious
We can laugh at ourselves
We practice what we preach


We are always 100% committed
We support each other
We take personal responsibility


We know how to do our job
We deliver what we promise
We always do our best