Quality assured deliveries

To ensure that our delivery meets our clients’ expectations, H1 has implemented and has been certified according to a number of ISO standards.

  • ISO 18295 – The contact center industry’s standard to guarantee agreements relating to KPIs and service information
  • ISO 9001/14001 – Certified quality and environment management systems that guarantee continuous improvements, target-orientated management and long-term quality work
  • ISO 27001 – a European standard for management systems when it comes to matters relating to information security that provides us with secure handling of our clients’ information assets and assessment and processing of information security risks

Quality-assured working processes, along with our employees and the Happy philosophy, form the basis of our delivery.


ISO 18295-1

Secure on-boarding for successful results

The key to successful outsourcing begins with an effective start-up process. Using ISO 18295-1 as the starting point, H1 works according to a standardised quality-assured process. We do this to ensure that the right technology, work processes, agent training, staffing forecasts and statistical feedback are in place from day one.


ISO 18295-1 in brief

  • Quality-assured start-up process
  • Tools for thorough analysis of the nature of the assignment
  • Short, flexible working process
  • Orderly flow, execution and reports
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ISO 9001/14001

Creates world-class customer service

H1 adopts a quality-assured process in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 in order to constantly guarantee the right service at the right cost. The business management system makes an efficient working process possible that enables us to help our clients deliver services that meet their customers’ requirements. The standard places the emphasis on constant improvement and customer satisfaction.


ISO 9001/14001 certification in brief

  • Quality-assured deliveries
  • Constant improvements and customer satisfaction
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ISO 27001

Secure handling of information assets

Guaranteeing secure handling of our clients’ and their customers’ information assets is of basic importance in all H1’s deliveries. In order to fulfil this, H1 works according to ISO 27001, a standard for management systems for information security. It involves continuous work on administrative and technical security. The cornerstones are accessibility, accuracy and confidentiality of all information.


ISO 27001 certification in brief

  • Secure handling of the clients’ information assets
  • Secure processing of customers’ personal data
  • Quality guarantee through third-party certification
  • Continuous work on administrative and technical security
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Happy employees make a big difference

H1’s agents are representatives for our clients’ brands and reputation, around the clock, 365 days a year. In order to deliver the best possible customer care, H1 carries out systematic work according to a tried and tested method – H1’s own Happy philosophy. It is based on the fact that people who have job satisfaction and energy out-perform ordinary standards.


H1’s Happy philosophy

  • Clear focus on job satisfaction
  • Low staff turnover
  • Consistently high levels of skills in the assignment
  • Minimised quality defects
  • Lower Training Costs


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Swift-footed, agile approach

An agile approach makes it possible to keep up with today’s constantly changing world. Digitalisation and changing business models require continuous changes and improvements in technology, staffing and agent skills. An E-learning platform ensures that our agents gain the right expertise at the right time in an efficient manner.

As experts in customer service, H1 offers constant feedback to help bring about constant improvements for our clients. We also offer services in Analysis and Advice whenever there is a need for a more extensive overall view of specific areas for improvement.


Our agile methods provide you with

  • A proactive partner
  • Constant improvements
  • Constant access to the latest technology
  • Development and additional sales
  • Check on statistics and key indicators


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