PKI Services

Trained, experienced, qualified and certified

Our PKI – Public Key Infrastructure – team has been working with various certificates and security solutions since 1998. The team has a combined 30 years of industry experience with e-identification, smart cards, server certificates, encrypted e-mail (s/mime), certificate-based VPN solutions and trusted services.

Due to the high level of security that these services require, our employees are so-called “trusted employees” and have been background checked. The team is also physically separated from the rest of the company’s operations, in secure premises with their own access control.

  • Reliable and professional support focused on security
  • High quality with experienced and certified employees
  • Create more satisfied clients and long-term relationships


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Certification and security solutions and services

  • Function co-ordination
    Hand your entire service over to us and we’ll take care of orders from your endWusers to support and invoicing. All you need to take care of is your sales and operating your customer system.
  • Routines and processes
    Together we design and fine-tune routines and processes for your services.

  • Technical support of security services
    We provide both first, second and, in some cases, third line support.

  • Support for cards and card readers
    We deliver support for everything related to smart cards and other card readers.

  • Service certificates
    Together we have more than 10 years’ experience in issuing class 3 certificates. Our employees have also been trained and certified in the USA.

  • Revocation services
    We provide a 24/7/365 service and can revoke your certificate within in an hour.

  • Functionality testing
    We perform tests on all common OS/browsers for new software or systems.

  • Project management
    When implementing a new service or product, or when updating existing services.

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