Bonnier’s Book Club

Customer service for the leading Swedish book club

Bonnier’s Book Club started in 1970 and has since then been Sweden’s largest book club. It is a traditional full range book club, which implies a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, comic, and children’s books. The business is based on mail-order sales, primarily of Bonniers own releases and publications.

More means of contact for customer service

With over 30 000 customer contacts per month via phone and e-mail and an increasing usage of the websites in correlation to the digital distribution of e-books and audio-books, a need for a more direct way of customer contact developed.

Custom web chat

The direct chat is a growing way of customer contact and multiple measurements show that customers that use the chat are more satisfied than the ones that use other ways of contact. Bonnier’s Book Clubs websites lacked the chat-feature but became interested after a suggestion by H1.

The entire chat-functionality was implemented on Bonnier’s websites with one simple line of code. Naturally they were adapted to fit the different visual styles of each book club. The process of implementing the chat-function didn’t take more than 14 days, from project start to the the first customer chat.

Faster, easier and more satisfied customers

Hundreds of happy customers now chat with the customer service team each month, and the usage of the function is increasing. One of the major benefits is that the members no longer has to search for contact information and change way of contact to e-mail or telephone, they can now simply get the help they need through the chat. Both websites and the chat is responsive and  is automatically adapted to desktop, tablet or mobile.


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