Technical support and customer service for Sunfleet

Sunfleet was founded in the late 90’s as a cooperation between Volvo and Hertz as a innovative and climate-smart solution to the peoples’ transportation needs. Sunfleet quickly became one of the first that could offer a climate-smart, simple and sustainable option to those that didn’t want to buy a car of their own but at the same time wanted access to transportation for shorter travels.

Support and customer service in a combined solution

As a rapidly growing service firm, Sunfleet has got a steadily increasing body of customers that demands high quality customer service, through a continuous demand for service and support. At the same time, the customer contacts are Sunfleet’s face to the public and in many occasions – it’s their first encounter with the company.

Integral customer service solutions

We’ve been taking care of Sunfleet’s customer service since 2005 and with a increase in Sunfleet’s customers, the customer service grows. We have for example gradually increased the opening hours and today we deliver customer service around the clock every day of the week to be able to see to Sunfleet’s customers regarding concerns and/or problems, no matter the time of day.

That way we open up possibilities for continued expansion and growth based on the customers’ needs and quantity.


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