CRM – Strategic advice

Profitable relationships with loyal customers

H1’s CRM consultants have solid and long-standing experience of CRM work as well as operating large and complex projects. In a nutshell, it’s about creating strong and profitable relationships between you and your customers and doing it effectively. We can support your business when radical changes, improvements and efficiencies are needed.

  • Shape up your routines and customer management flow
  • Create a more effective dialogue with customers
  • Improve customer loyalty with better relationships
  • We guide your change process towards a more customer-focused organisation and more satisfied customers


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CRM service areas

  • Process mapping
    Process flow, customer behaviours and migration.

  • Control and efficiency
    We guide you all the way to a functional solution and develop it as needed.

  • Analysis and follow-up
    Our needs and workforce team helps you gain control of the metrics.

  • Procurement support
    Processes and methods for quicker and better procurement.

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