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  • Improved customer satisfaction through increased accessibility in digital channels

  • First line customer service for technical support and after-sales service

  • Qualified customer service agents in 13 different languages


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions

Panasonic has more than 60 years of experience in various HVAC solutions which has allowed them to provide maximum comfort in home and commercial environments. Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions puts the customer in focus and continues to develop its customer service together with H1 to be able to increase response time and improve customer satisfaction.


Our bespoke solution for Panasonic

By increasing the availability of Panasonic in several channels, especially in their digital channels, we ensure the right service at the right time. In addition to increased availability, H1 delivers both customer service as well as a high level of technical support in 13 different languages across Europe -. The assignment currently includes 16 European countries, with the goal of increasing accessibility in more countries in the future.

”Our goal is to define the best customer service strategy and deliver a truly modern and proactive approach. The highly experienced teams in our support centres are qualified to support Panasonic customers in 13 different European languages and serve our full range of HVAC product categories.” Christian Stiboy, Head of Service – Panasonic


Customer-relevant competencies


An assignment that includes several different languages, as in Panasonic’s case, puts great focus on process standardization – analysis and feedback are also of great importance in assignments like this. Through our own e-learning process HappyLearning, we can ensure the competence of our employees in the matter.

”Managing multiple languages puts the focus on process standardization as well as analysis, feedback and training. In terms of rollout and training, I am grateful for our e-learning process, especially considering Panasonic’s innovative approach and many products” – Mona Silfver. CEO, H1

Certified quality and safety

H1 delivers an integrated inbound and outbound solution to how claims, support process, and the overall service are handled. Our certification of ISO 9001 within the management system standard for quality work certifies that we at H1 work according to clear systems created to achieve the goal. A key factor in improving customer satisfaction has been to support Panasonic’s process of increasing accessibility in digital channels to improve accessibility, self-service and technical support.

”The application includes a risk-based approach to managing the requirements, needs and expectations of clients in order to deliver a quality service with the best possible” – Mona Silfver, CEO – H1

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions’ clear focus on the customer journey shapes the partnership and puts the focus on understanding customer behavior and adapting accordingly.

”Being a partner of such a world-leading brand as Panasonic is an honor for us and I am confident that this partnership will make us even better.” Mona Silfver. 

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