WFM – Work force management

The right staffing, with the right qualifications at the right time

Optimising your personnel needs can be a big challenge, especially when during high tempo periods. Problems caused by under- or over-staffing can quickly lead to increased personnel costs and an uneven work flow. H1’s Work force management team is made up of forecasters, schedulers and real-time managers who help you improve staffing and make it more effective.

  • No under- or over-staffing
  • Increased and improved productivity
  • Increased employee motivation and a more even work flow
  • Better customer service and more satisfied customers


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Resource planning services

  • Collect and analyse data
    Collect historical data and statistics regarding volumes and call patterns.

  • Forecasting future call volumes
    Create key performance indicators by processing historical data. Analyse and communicate future forecasts as well as the outcomes of historical forecasts.

  • Resourcing needs and scheduling
    Calculate the estimated staffing needs at different interval levels and create flexible schedules, a key to successful staffing.

  • Analysis and monitoring
    Identify deviations, needs and problems in daily operations and suggest solutions for how the company’s resource planning should be optimised.

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